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Rack2-Filer is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use document viewer for your PC. Create a virtual library for the documents on your PC. Then, arrange them in virtual binders and cabinets for easy access. The user guide included with the software guides you through all operations.

Efficiency -- Organize your current files into a single viewer. Convert all standard text views such as Microsoft® Word and Microsoft Excel®, plus various image formats (see the Specifications link for a complete list).

With Rack2-Filer your information is organized, easy to view, and searchable on your PC. Special functions mirror time tested tools for documents. You can insert notes on a page; these can be in the page or placed as a tab. Simply point and click on the note tab to jump to that page in a binder. You can also use the text in the note as search parameters. Build an index for a binder and Rack2-Filer creates dividers with tabs for the indexed sections. Highlighting text can also be done with simple point-and-click operation.

Space Saving – Rack2-Filer is perfect for converting your current paper based manuals and paper documents into electronic format. Because Rack2-Filer provides electronic visual documents mirroring your book self and binders, it’s the perfect way to convert your current binders and paper documents to electronic format. Simply scan your information directly to your PC and link them to the Rack2-Filer application. All NEC multifunction products offer high speed scanning capabilities to scan documents to Rack2-Filer. The NEC IT30-Series scanning interface comes with an automatic built-in link for Rack2-Filer for ease in converting your paper documents to electronic format.

Further Applications -- NEC Document Solutions’ product line offers applications that will expand the Rack2-Filer. Use your NEC Document Solutions IT-Series and NEFAX series products for integrating communications with the Rack2-Filer. Your NEC multi-functional products will automatically receive faxes and send them to your PC where they will be imported to the Rack2-Filer application. Now you can have an electronic binder of all incoming faxes to your department or office.


NEC 5035 (50cpm)

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