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NEC IT3520

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Convergence and integration are driving forces in business today and it’s no different with imaging technology. Document processing requirements continue to become more and more sophisticated, and products must combine smart and time saving functions to keep the customer satisfied. Enter NEC's IT3520 an all-in-one office document processing solution with as much brain as it has brawn. NEC IT3520 is anything but standard. The IT3520 offers satellite offices and corporate workgroups a comprehensive multifunction document processing center with complete finishing capabilities. As a fully featured digital copier, combined with advanced facsimile functions and enhanced network printer. All the advantages of the Internet are available as well. The Ei Network Applications Option provides built-in scanning, faxing over the Internet, the ability to e-mail directly from the fax machine, IP-Transmissions, among other features. Despite its many sophisticated features, the IT3520 is remarkably easy to use. Special accessibilities were designed to aid all users’ abilities and needs including reach, sight, hearing and reaction time. Both multifunctional and operationally versatile, the IT3520 is a copier, fax, enhanced network printer, file scanner and e-mail center all in one complete document processing package. And, because of its exceptional digital capabilities, the IT3520 enables you to feed a document through just once to perform a multiplicity of convenient processing and finishing tasks. Promoting years of optimum product performance, NEC also makes available to you a host of high-quality accessories and consumables.

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