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DP-330Le DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEM  The DP-330Le is the ultimate printing solution for organizations in which simplicity, cost, and quality are major concerns. The DP-330Le prints at speeds of up to 130 pages per minute and produce images as large as 8.27" x 13.62". The DP-330Le includes a pre-inking system that inks the cylinder prior to the first print and at pre-determined intervals when the duplicator is not in use. Other standard features include eight different print modes, a flat platen for book copying, enlargement/reduction capabilities, and a 50-500% zoom function. The DP-330Le has a built-in, touch screen editing system that allows documents to be manipulated through the trimming, masking, reversing, and pattering functions. Both models accommodate a variety of standard and custom paper stocks, from 13 lb. to 110 lb. in sizes ranging from 3.5" x 5.5" to 11.88" to 17.28".

DP-460e DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEM  Innovating unparallel technology and performance, the DP-460e offers incredible 600 x 600 dpi resolution. With newly enhanced features that include various mono and spot color printing applications on a wide array of card stocks including NCR, envelopes, newsletters, and more, the DP-460e is the ideal printing solution. The 1,300-sheet feed-and-stack capacity and optional 60-sheet ADF allow for touch-and-go printing to increase productivity and diminish down time. The DP-460e’s unrivaled image area is the best in the industry. Push-button image position rotation eliminates the need to change image position manually. Registration adjustment is electronically driven four ways to increase image control and ease operation. Desktop printing is easily accessible with a simple touch. The unique integrated computer interface is standard with a bi-directional parallel port connection, allowing for easy plug and play printing on demand. Due to its ruggedness and durability, the DP-460e’s reliability upholds countless printing demands.

DP-63P DIGITAL PRINTING SYSTEM  The DP-63P offers high speed, 600 dpi printing in a system exclusively designed to meet long-run production requirements. The DP-63P offers innovative master and ink systems to create sharp images while maintaining minimal ink consumption, and an innovative thermal head and advanced scanning mechanism ensure outstanding printing. Compatible with either PC or Macintosh computers, the DP-63P offers a computer interface that requires no additional hardware. The DP-63P features a user-friendly operation and require no setup or wash up after use. A unique, three-roller feeding system and air-assisted sheet separation ensure dependable paper transport, while the 3,000-sheet capacity feeding/receiving trays on the DP-63P model provides maximum input and output at speeds of up to 120 pages per minute. Unique and flexible features include unsurpassed color availability, 50-499% zooming, and three print modes (photo, text, and duo). This model can accommodate paper weights from 13 lb. to 110 lb. and sizes from 11.88" x 17.28".

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